Manufacturing Capability

Telecom Connections can offer fully auto, semi-auto and hand tooling capabilities when manufacturing cable assemblies.

TCL can offer a wide range of services thanks to our extensive line of tooling and machinery, these services include:

  • Crimping
  • LVDS Display cables
  • Soldering
  • Military circulars
  • Co-ax assemblies
  • Ribbon cable
  • D-Type
  • Audio
  • USB
  • Patch leads (CAT5/6)
  • Mains lead assemblies
  • Tinning
  • Ring terminals
  • Coils

These services represent a base line to our capability, however we also offer other bespoke services to our customers.

Below is a list of the machinery we have on site here at TCL:

  • Komax Auto-Cut, Strip & Crimp Machines
  • Semi-Automatic Bench Presses
  • 80+ Mini Applicators
  • Crimp Analysers
  • Test Equipment
  • Ribbon Cable Cutting Machines
  • Cable Preparation Machines (Schleuniger, Komax…)
  • Wire Twisting Machines
  • Tape Banding Machines
  • Heat Shrink Labelling Machines